Water Talks

Water Talks

Understanding our Lakes

Understanding our Legacy

Free to the Public | 7:00 – 8:00 pm 
2021 Speakers

June 14-Commissioner Strommen with the Minnesota DNR
A recording of this talk will be uploaded soon.

July 12-Scott Henderson, Sauk River One Watershed/One Plan
A recording of this talk can be found on the Legacy of the Lakes Museum Facebook page.

August 9-“How Our Lakes Were Named” with Rachel Barduson
Use this link to view a recording of Rachel Barduson’s August 9 Water Talk.

September 13-“Understanding Hydroclimatic Change in Minnesota” with Dr. Kenny Blumenfeld
Use this link to view a recording of Dr. Blumenfeld’s September 13 Water Talk.

Click the links below to view our 2020 Water Talks

June 8th- “Like Politics, All Water is Local”

July 13th- “Cabin and Lakehome Shoreline Management”

August 10th- “Our Magnificent Lake History”

September 14-“From the Lab to the Lake: Research Advances in Minnesota’s Fight Against Aquatic Invasive Species”


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