Water Talks

Water Talks

Understanding our Lakes

Understanding our Legacy

Free to the Public | 7:00 – 8:00 pm 
Legacy of the Lakes Museum
2022 Speakers

Monday, June 13 “Get the Lead Out”

Get the Lead Out is an educational program to protect and restore the population of common loons in Minnesota by reducing their exposure to lead-based fishing tackle. This outreach effort will run from 2020 to 2023. Join us at the Legacy of the Lakes Museum as experts from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency discuss this threat to our native species and what you can do to help.

This event will be held via Zoom. Register here!

You may also watch the digital presentation at the Legacy of the Lakes BoatHouse. Bring in your old lead tackle and receive a free pass to the museum!

Monday, July 11 “Cover Crops and Water Quality”

Land Stewardship Project (LSP) member and no-till, cover crop farmer, John Ledermann, will present the core of this evening’s program, sharing his experience using soil health building principles to filter and store water on his farm. He’ll explain the positive effects on the land and surrounding bodies of water that come from consistent commitment to following healthy soil building practices on farmland.  John will present the core principles of soil health and delve into cover cropping benefits, strategies and challenges.

Maura Curry, LSP soil health program organizer, will provide a brief overview of the work LSP has been doing to support farmers managing diverse production including field crops, both conventional and organic, fruit and vegetable producers and livestock grazers by practicing sound, regenerative agricultural methods. Also, she’ll provide a snapshot of the progress that has and is being made in Minnesota to increase the number of farmers building healthy, living soil and the number of continuously covered acres to heal and protect water, land, air quality, health for all beings and quality of life on earth.

Monday, August 8 “The Value of Water”

Peg Furshong of CURE will give a talk on the value of water and lead a story group where individuals will share their experiences and memories with water.

Monday, September 19 “Alexandria Nature Trail”

Tim Schoonhoven presents on the Alexandria Nature Trail. He is lead engineer working with the Nature Conservancy to preserve and protect a corridor from I-94 to Lake Le’ Homme Dieu. The trail will provide for water runoff management as well as provide for public use of a nature trail. The project would also preserve valuable wetlands that act as natural filters and sponges that cleans and slows down water during storms.

2021 Speakers

August 9-“How Our Lakes Were Named” 

September 13-“Understanding Hydroclimatic Change in Minnesota” 

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June 8th- “Like Politics, All Water is Local”

July 13th- “Cabin and Lakehome Shoreline Management”

August 10th- “Our Magnificent Lake History”

September 14-“From the Lab to the Lake: Research Advances in Minnesota’s Fight Against Aquatic Invasive Species”


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