Water Talks

Water Talks

Understanding our Lakes

Understanding our Legacy

Mark your calendars! Legacy of the Lakes Museum and the Douglas County Lakes Association are proud to present “Water Talks,” a speaker series devoted to stewardship of our lakes. Join us for these virtual talks with experts so we can understand and protect our lakes for future generations.

Free to the Public | 7:00 – 8:00 pm | Zoom Webinar

June 8th- “Like Politics, All Water is Local”
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We say it all the time “our lake…”, “my stretch of shoreline…” or “our aquifer.” There’s an obvious reason we talk about water in this way. We will always understand water quality and care for it based on what we see and do every day. Not surprisingly, protecting and restoring water can only happen when people see it as their civic responsibility, kind of like voting for elections. In this presentation, John Linc Stine, Executive Director of Freshwater, will describe how water is protected or polluted in and around Alexandria, Douglas County and the neighboring area and encourage participants to take local action for water stewardship.

John Linc StineJohn Linc Stine joined Freshwater in March 2019, as Executive Director, following a 40-year public service career where he started   as a student worker in 1978 at the MN Department of Natural Resources and worked for 25 years. He moved to the MN  Department of Health in 2005 and joined the MN Pollution Control Agency in 2011, retiring in January 2019 as the longest serving MPCA commissioner.

A self-proclaimed water governance guru, he’s enforced virtually every water management law and regulation for MN’s lakes, rivers, wetlands, watersheds and groundwater.  At Freshwater, John is focused on inspiring present and future generations efforts to   protect, conserve and steward freshwater.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Soil and Water Resource Management from the University of MN – St. Paul. He and his wife, Deb, reside in Maplewood and have two adult sons and two grandsons under the age of 3.

July 13th- “Cabin and Lakehome Shoreline Management”
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This presentation will help people make beautiful places to live while protecting water quality. There is a web of issues that we cannot afford to ignore that jeopardize lakeshore qualities and values. The presentation will discuss these issues and offer practical ideas on managing runoff, addressing erosion, and growing shoreline gardens. Good lake stewardship begins with you and expands to the neighborhood, community and watershed.

Paul J. Radomski is a lake scientist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He has worked for over 30 years on lake management issues and has published extensively on ecological and conservation matters. Paul currently serves as Minnesota’s lead scientific expert on lakeshore habitat management issues. He is co-author of a book titled Lakeshore Living.

August 10th- “Our Magnificent Lake History”
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Rachel Barduson Photo One historian wrote, “A little bit of virgin prairie held loosely in the fingers of a chain of sparkling blue lakes clothed in the gloves of the dark green foliage of oaks and other trees that grew along the shores.” In this virtual tour, we will explore how our lakes have influenced the growth of tourism, recreation and personal pastimes.

Rachel Barduson is a history enthusiast who loves to research, write, and share the tales that have been chronicled by earlier historians. She is a free-lance writer for the Echo Press’ weekly Archive Column and monthly Senior Perspective; and presents programs throughout the area on various history subjects, both fun and informative.


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